pigmentation & BLEMISHES

There are different types of pigmentation & blemishes, & different factors that cause it.  

Hypopigmentation | Lighter spots that appear on skin due to absence of melanin (the chemical which gives skin its colour).
Hyperpigmentation | Dark spots appearing on the skin. This is more common & is caused by an increase in melanin. One of the most common hyperpigmentary problems is Melasma. Characterised by tan or brown patches on the face.

Sun exposure is a big cause, Hyperpigmentation on areas that have high sun exposure. As are hormonal changes such as pregnancy. Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation can also occur when a blemish or other skin injury heals, leaving a discoloured mark behind.


  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, suncreen is number one! Protection from daily sun exposure via a broad-spectrum sunscreen.   
  2. Follow an effective home skincare routine. 

We can also treat the skin with a number of treatments.

  1. Skin peels to increase the skins natural skin cell turnover rate & bring the pigmentation to the surface.

More advanced results can be achieved with laser and IPL treatments. Learn more about Laser and IPL Treatments here.